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Women's Health and Fertility Center Urinry Incontinence Women's Clinic
Avner Manzoor Mandel,
UCLA Clinical Faculty

9301 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 512
beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: (310) 271 - 2400


Patient Stories

I was seeing Dr. Avner Mandel as my gynecologist for many years. I had pelvic pain worsening during my period and during and after sexual relations. I had Endometriosis and I could not get pregnant because of this disease. Dr. Mandel diagnosed and treated me. I have been Blessed with 2 Children now!
Mary A.


At my early forties I got irregular and heavy vaginal bleeding because of uterine fibroids and I could not control my bladder when I was exercising and it was embarrassing up to a point that I got less active with my social life. With 2 outpatient minimally invasive procedures which took less than a couple of hours, Dr. Mandel treated me very successfully. now I do not suffer from being unable to control my bladder and I do not have vaginal bleeding any more Thanks to Dr. Avner Mandel!
Kathy S.


It was in my mid forties that I realized that my periods are becoming longer and I have heavy irregular vaginal bleeding. It was just about time that I was planning my summer vacation and due to this disease I could not plan my vacation since my bleeding was irregular. I was depressed and everyday was looking for solution, until oneday one of my coworkers told me about Dr. Avner Mandel and highly suggested him. Dr. Mandel treated my heavy irregular vaginal bleeding with a quick out patient procedure. Now I want to thank Dr. Mandel for what he did for me and recommend him to all ladies that suffer from heavey and/or irregular vaginal bleedings.
Jacklin K.


"The advantage is that we can offer a procedure in the office, a short procedure…that will take care of their problem almost always."
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